Tippy-Tippy-Top! What Colored Lenses Do You Want? - 2eyes

People often change their hair color to achieve a certain look. If you are planning to make these changes, then you might consider colored contact lenses.

Colored contact lenses are not just limited to vision correction these days. They are much more than that. For every look, for every occasion, for every costume party, there is a colored lens to choose from.

But do you know besides the usual-colored costume contact lenses like zombie Halloween ones there are natural colored contact lenses that can give you a bold and subtle look? They are best for an everyday look and can go with almost all occasions. Also, at the same time, they can enhance the look.

So, stop feeling gloomy about not being born with the eye color you always wanted and scroll down to go through the most favorite of all.

Best Colored Lenses to Choose From

Just Go Blue!

Blue-colored contact lenses are best for almost all kinds of skin shades. They can never put one in a dilemma as they suit everyone, every time. However, you should keep in mind that blue contacts do less justice to dark brown eyes.

The blue monsoon contact lenses, Aqua lenses, and royal blue contact lenses are best to choose from.

Brown Contact Lenses

Just like blue contact lenses, these lenses also gel well with all kinds of skin tones. It gives a go-to look for your everyday or party look. Honey-colored contact lenses are something to go for. They are the most popular ones.

Purple Colored Lenses

Yes purple! Common it’s 2021, every color and every look is possible. All eyes on your eyes are what you will experience after wearing purple-colored contacts (No exaggeration here). These lenses are perfect for fashion enthusiasts, influencers, in short for those who want to catch the attention.

You can go for Violet contact lenses or silver contact lenses to get that fashionista look.

Green Colored Contacts

Planning to go green? Then why not in your look. These lenses particularly enhance the eyes which already have a bit of yellow or red undertone. For dinner dates, picnic, or casual outings, green-colored lenses help you stand out.

You can choose from our plethora of greens like plain green contact lenses, emerald green contact lenses.

Grey Colored Lenses

Weird it may sound but grey is a great choice when it comes to picking out the colored lenses. For those who want to deviate away from the browns, grey should be your next option. Grey-colored lenses sit great on top of brown eyes.

Now wasn’t this an exhaustive list to choose from? Right! Remember, there are many negative connotations around the costume lenses and colored lenses. But it doesn’t matter if you wear them with confidence and panache.

So, think no more, just slip on and shop your favorite look!