This Or That? The Right Eye Makeup For Colored Lenses - 2eyes

Ramadan is around the corner. It’s the perfect time for family gatherings and gets together. It’s also that time of the year when you want to look your best. While many of you might be busy selecting the best outfit for Ramadan, some of you might be deciding upon the best eye makeup for colored lenses to go with your outfit.

You would be wasting hours deciding this or that, and to find the perfect balance between the right eye color and makeup.

To help you get the best look with the right eye makeup for colored lenses, here is a listicle:

Eye Makeup With Brown Colored Lenses

These are the most common and preferred colored lenses. For those who love subtle change, this one is a go-to lens, but again, balancing the right makeup can be a bit tricky with the right one. Darker eye makeup styles will go best with such lenses, especially dark neutral-color eye makeup balances the deeper shades of brown in a beautiful way.

Eye Makeup With Blue Colored Lenses

Smokey makeup will complement your blue eyes the most. The fresh color of the lens will make your eyes stand out from the rest. All you have to do, blend the shades of silver and black with some navy. This will add brightness to your appearance. To start with, start applying the lighter shade from the inner corner of the eye. At the end of the eye apply dark color and smudge the two colors properly. Blending the eye colors is a crucial step. Do the twirl your lashes and Voila, you are ready for your iftar party.

No Makeup Looks For Green Colored Lenses

Now, green-colored lenses may look tricky at first thought to carry but can ace the look by wearing a bit of bronzy eye makeup. The green-colored contact lenses go best in summers with floral dresses too. Also, green is the color of Ramadan.

Eye Makeup With Grey Colored Lenses

This colored makeup stands out best with orange tones. To create an orange tone, you need shades like neutral brown, salmon, copper, peach, bright orange, and melon. When you apply these colors, the grey tone will pop up.

A shimmer of blue or golden color will draw attention to the eyes. If you want a softer look a touch of the golden shimmer will make the whole difference. Another great makeup look is the combination of silver and black that will go great with grey-colored contact lenses.

Though there are a lot of other colored lenses too in the market the one eye makeup for colored lenses that suits all is the smokey-eyes makeup.

So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and try out these makeups and colored contact lens combinations and look your best at the iftar parties and Ramadan. Just keep one thing in mind, that you can try different makeup looks with different lenses but one thing that you should carry no matter what is confidence.