Safety Tips & Importance of Cleaning Colored Contact Lenses

Talking about safety tips and cleaning colored contact lenses should be critical. We all know that it is very important to keep colored lenses in the best possible shape to extend their life and keep our vision safe and protected. However, most people ignore cleaning colored contact lenses and use them for long without proper maintenance and care, which might be harmful to our eyes.

Proper Care, Safety Tips & Importance of Cleaning Colored Lenses

Indeed, it makes sense to clean and disinfect them as well as storing them safely. Even, one should make it a point to thoroughly wash, rinse, and dry hands before handling any type of contact lenses for proper safety. Colored contact lenses need proper care, cleaning as well as diligent handling. Let us see the importance of cleaning colored contact lenses and safety tips to keep them in good shape.

1. Avoid Rubbing Colored Contact Lenses –

Some people often rub their contact lenses, which is a wrong practice and may damage the integrity, surface of the lenses. Today, there are many safe and effective solutions available that keep the surface safe and never cause problems of a dry leak. You can use hydrogen peroxide to efficiently rinse, clean, and disinfect as well as soak your lenses. Besides that, you can also use multipurpose solutions to disinfect your color lenses. It is the next best option to consider.

Smart Tip
Always use fresh lens care solution every time you are going to keep them in the lens case, and the one that is approved by the eye care professionals.

2. Storage –

Some people keep their lenses in random cosmetic boxes; however, it is good to use contact lens cases that are specifically designed to safeguard your lenses. They keep the dust and dirt away. Also, it is advisable to rinse contact lenses with boiled water to disinfect them and kill bacteria that may cause irritation. Try to rinse your lenses with the prescribed disinfecting solution rather than tap water before storing them.

3. Follow Instructions –

It is essential to follow your eye care professional’s directions, rules, guidelines, and labeling instructions to keep your lenses safe all the time. Also, it makes sense to read and understand the instruction manual as it will help you in cleaning colored contact lenses.

4. Report Immediately –

After wearing the colored lenses, if you feel irritation in your eyes or getting the blurred vision, then you should stop using your lenses and immediately report your problem to the doctor or eye care professional. The reason could be anything from storage negligence, cosmetic contact to bacteria formation. That is why most experts recommend using FDA approved colored contact lenses.

5. Never Share –

FDA classifies contact lenses as medical devices. Also, according to eye care professionals, people often develop a bacterial infection because they exchange cosmetic lenses with their family and friends. So, you must make sure that the colored lenses you use are for your eyes only.

Whether you are wearing colored contacts for the first time or not, you must always follow the safety tips. Also, it is good to talk to your eye care specialist or visit an optician for advice before choosing your cosmetic lenses. Also, make it a point to select trusted FDA approved colored contact lenses and ensure optimum comfort, vision, and safety for your eyes.