Have you ever dreamed of being a rock god! A gothic king! Or have a look like the god of the underworld. Well, you need some real creepy or evil eyes to match such a look. These eyes are not just sexy but can make pants off of many. 

Popular among many, the Marilyn Manson lenses are great for both men and women. Much like the blackout look, these lenses give a real edge to those who wish to become a rockstar. How? Well, here you go…

Marilyn Manson followers will follow you

This famous music idol regularly wears white contact lenses and has made the signature look and identity among many. Hence, his followers will automatically follow you once you start dressing up like him. 

His metal music scene has made waves around the world with a wealth of memorable hits like ‘Personal Jesus’, ‘The tainted Love’.

The canny unusual appearance is sure to attract

Manson usually wore white colored contact lenses which gave him an unusual appearance, this added to his eccentricity. The stary, steely, black-eyes look shocks any passer-by. And this can be in your case too.

Free-thinking lenses

Rockstars are supposed to have free-thinking. They differ themselves not just thought-wise but look-wise too. Manson does not follow mainstream trends. So, if you like to assert your own style, go for white colored contact lenses

Its an ode

If you or your band is a fan of Manson, what could be better than dressing up like him and singing his famous numbers. The audience would appreciate this entire concept.

Easy, Cheap, and Thoughtful Concept

To stand out from the rest, you always need to do something different. Apart from the excellent music, dressing up like Manson could give you an advantage over other metal bands. Plus the cost is so cheap. All you need is to rent the dresses and buy the white crazy colored contact lenses. (By the way, these lenses can be used otherwise too)

Transformation To The Band

Suppose you want to add spice to your group, you wish to do something unusual, then this could be it. Your band steps out in a party with those evil Marilyn Manson look and kicks in with the best number. Common, the attention is yours!

Remember, these lenses are the same as the ones that the rock God Manson wore. These lenses can be used to get the perfect vampire look at any of your Halloween parties for such as ghosts or zombies. Perfect to bribe candies out of neighbors 

They do not require any prescription from a doctor and are good to go for everyone as they are FDA-approved lenses.