Make It Creepy With Zombie Contact Lenses - All Doubts Cleared - 2eyes

Want to head to Zombieland? Or, play a dead character at your upcoming party? All your questions related to the zombie contact lenses will be answered here, cause you have come to the right place buddy!

Zombie lenses help you stand out from the horde and grab attention. They bring life and creepiness to so many costumes, like the brain-munching zombie, the blood and mass eater zombie, the white witch, etc. To all these characters zombie lenses add a dash of spookiness. They make your eyes look cold, empty, and dead. Especially the whiteout lenses, they are the perfect pick for every Halloween party. The latest Netflix series iZombie has given all of us several ideas for the upcoming costume parties or Halloween 2021, the favorite being Liv Moore.

Several questions might pop while ordering a zombie contact lens. Few have been answered here

Zombie lenses will affect the view?

Certainly not. Zombie contact lenses work with the same principle as any other colored contact lenses and offer a clear vision. You won’t see ‘white’ when you wear White Zombie or WhiteOut lenses. However, if there is any special case, a doctor’s prescription should be considered. In the market, they are available in dioptrics from 0 to -6.00.

Is there any difference between zombie contact lenses and white-out lenses?

Whiteout lenses are part of zombie contact lenses. Zombie contact lenses come in various colors like Green Manson, Brown Breaking Dawn, Bella contact lenses, and so on. It’s just the whiteout lenses are mostly preferred because they are eye-catchers at any Halloween party. Zombie, skull, witch, ghosts- whatever the role be, all these customers look even better with white lenses.

They are also very popular because they are more discreet than their counterparts as the black border around the iris is missing. This makes it an eerily beautiful alternative.

What are other zombie lenses?

There is a huge variety of lenses available in particular categories alone. The scariest options are a complete black lens, the red web contact lenses, pink cat eye, twilight werewolf, blue elf contact lenses, and many more. Different looks demand different lenses.

How long can I wear zombie contact lenses?

Due to unique technology that guarantees oxygen breathability and safety, zombie contact lenses can be worn for a long time. Also, the colorant is blocked in the bottom layers of the lens.

However, just be sure to insert the lenses before the party. This way, you will be able to wear them all night long.

Finally, which costume will look best with zombie lenses?

Any character from THE WALKING DEAD. For it, all you need is a torn shirt and the lenses. Prime your skin with a grey color, dab blood spots on the skin and apply black makeup on the mouth and eyes.

Easy, right? Hope this simple basic question clarifies all the irking doubts on zombie lenses. Now, let the creepy fun begin!