Colored contact lenses have been a major part of eye makeup for a long. It was in the 1980s when the first disposable and soft contact lenses became a reality and after that colored and patterned contact lenses came into the limelight. People all over the globe show a lot of interest in trying different colors, shades of contact lenses in order to look different and more attractive. Also, cosplayers have an extra edge when it comes to different and unique colored contact lenses since their dress-up and character playing are influenced a lot by these.

There are some aspects related to these colored contact lenses which everyone should know about; especially those who are using these or plan to use the same in near future.

Below listed are the top 5 things one should know about colored contact lenses:

  1. Safe to use

These cosmetic contact lenses are safe to use and one should go for these rather than getting the eye color changed through surgery.  Many eye experts have also quoted that these colored contact lenses are much safer than some of the touted surgical options that go into the eye and affect its natural pigment by either inserting material or trying to leech the pigment out of the eye. But one who wears these lenses on regular basis should do the same with utmost care and should use good quality contact lenses.

  1. Care for them

Cosmetic colored contact lenses need to be taken proper care of in the same way as the regular contact lenses which people wear to substitute their spectacles. Washing them properly with the medicated liquid, storing them in the prescribed bottles, not wearing them overnight, and most importantly not share your lenses with others and vice versa.

  1. Infection!

If one wears colored contact lenses on regular basis it is best if he or she consults an eye specialist for the same. Cosmetic colored lenses are just like regular contact lenses to a great extent, but these are not as biologically forgiving as regular medicated contacts when it comes to infections. Wearing these for way too long time can lead to infections in the eyes, therefore one needs to be careful enough.

  1. Thick and thin

The cosmetic colored contact lenses are thicker than the regular contact lenses and can be a bit discomforting for the individual wearing these. Therefore before buying a whole box full of cosmetic colored contact lenses, it is better if one tries on a pair and checking the comfort for some days.

  1. Variety

There is endless variety when it comes to cosmetic colored contact lenses. Therefore one must study the various categories of these lenses and then decide upon which one to buy. Buying the wrong variety and further wearing it with the wrong dress and makeup would leave one embarrassed at any gathering.

With these factors taken into consideration, one will be able to get the best cosmetic colored contact lenses and make an ever-lasting impression with his or her panache.