Costume Colored Lenses: 5 Things People Often Ask - 2eyes

You want to stand out from the crowd at your costume party, but not to the extent that you become an easy target for the people. Well, it can be a tough walk. To win this game, costume colored lenses can play a major role. They are an inexpensive, easy-to-use fashion accessory that can add oomph to any of your costume party looks. They add the right amount of drama and sass to the look. However, there can be a few obvious questions that pop your mind.

Here are 5 things people often ask & you need to know about costume colored lenses

1. Can you get costume contact lenses without a prescription?

Absolutely Yes! Be it a Halloween lens, zombie lenses, or any other colored contact lens, these lenses come in prescription order and can fit all the eyes. However, if you have any serious eye issues, have any injury or allergy then you should take the doctor’s consent.

2. But, are these lenses FDA approved?

Well, some companies do sell non-FDA-approved lenses, but it is always advisable to buy FDA approved colored contacts, as they assure quality and safety. And above all, it’s about your eyes.

3. Now you may be wondering, how long will these contact lenses last?

Well, you will be surprised to know, even though costume contact lenses are made for fun, if you take proper care, they can last till a year irrespective of the color or type. Be it Halloween lenses, zombie lenses, cat eyes, or the cosplay ones, all have the same shelf life.

4. What lenses will suit your costume best’?

 Well, there exists a wide variety of special lenses that one can choose from as per the taste and preference. Cat’s eye, alien, wolf, jaguar, zebra, or devil…there is a lot to choose from. The special white-out eyes, the vampire eyes, the cosplay ones….there is a huge variety to choose from depending on your look and dress.. If you want a little subtle look, you can find black, white, or red bloodshot too.

If you are dressing up as a particular celebrity but you do not have eyes of the same color, then, you can choose very natural contact lenses that will help you resemble them. In fact, there are costume colored lenses for Disney looks too.

Such as ‘Dolly Eye Hazel Contact Lenses’ are perfect for the Cinderella look, the ‘Blue Tone Contact Lenses’ are perfect for the Elsa look from the Frozen movie.

5. Do contact lenses come in natural colors?

Of course yes! The natural colored lenses won’t compliment a special costume, but for sunny weekends or a nice lavish reception, one can always wear lenses to amp up the look. It’s perfect for those who are seeking change in appearance but wish for nothing drastic.

Well, there can be a huge list of questions to answer upon, but, remember, having a striking eye can turn a good costume into a great one. If you are looking to set yourself apart and wish to stand out, costume contact lenses or colored contact lenses will help you achieve your goal.