Cosplay is a way of dressing up like a character from any film, play, or video game. People all over the world have gone crazy for cosplays and many have taken up this thing as their career. Cosplayers have that zeal in them to transform their personality along with their looks into something totally out of a comic or a movie. Everything from the tip of their hair to the end of their toe transforms into someone else, and not only looks but the way of carrying oneself also changes in a cosplay.

When it comes to cosplay lenses, the crux lies in the effort of changing the vision of others to perceive the cosplayer as an individual. And to change their view, these cosplayers need to change their vision!

Here are the top 5 trends that cosplayers follow when it comes to lenses:

  • Bleed Blue

 If you want to look like Bubbles from the power puff girls or princess peach from the Mario go for blue cosplay contact lenses. These give an extra depth to the eyes and even if these do not match the color of the costume they complement the overall look and make it complete.

  • White to Wipe-out

 White cosplay contact lenses are the first option for cosplayers when it comes to dressing up like a zombie or the Watcher from Marvel. The white contacts also come with custom patterned designs to add more horror and uniqueness to the look.

  • Go Green

Be the Hulk or the Kim Possible with green eyes. The green color looks mesmerizing when it comes to matching the color with the costume.

  • Black the Evergreen

Wearing black cosplay contact lenses gives another dimension to the overall look of the cosplayer. The color makes the eyes look unending in them, and also adds a pinch of Halloween look at the same time.

  • Blood-thirst Red

Red cosplay contact lenses give the complete vampire look and look best on fair skin individuals. These also go well with black colored cosplay costumes.

Apart from these, there are many other trending colors like purple, and pink which cosplayers can opt for. Also, cosplayers can get these lenses custom-made as per their look.

One can also buy cosplay contact lenses depending upon the category like:

  1. Anime contacts
  2. Cat eye contacts
  3. Demon eye contacts
  4. Special effects glow contacts
  5. Theatrical contacts
  6. Werewolf eye contacts

But any cosplayer should know that these contact lenses are not one-size-fits-all types. Also, poorly fitting contact lenses can lead to Scratches on the cornea, Conjunctivitis (pink eye), corneal infections, Decreased vision, and in some cases even Blindness. Therefore any individual planning to do cosplay and wear trendy contact lenses should buy them from a trusted and verified website. And if any of the above-mentioned symptoms are seen within some hours or days of wearing the lenses one should take medical aid immediately to avoid any mishap.