6 Circumstances That Every Contact Lens Wearer Will Relate To

Life can be, well, difficult for a contact lens wearer. Case in point: Suppose you are at a costume party and your lens drops on the floor; you know the grind. Extremely flustered and irritated with one-eye looking for your pair and people mocking at your look.

Well, this was just one case, we know many. And if you, our fellow contact lens wearer, have such more instances of fighting with the myths surrounding you, then you come to the right space buddy.

Here are some points that every contact lens wearer would come across once for sure:

Confusion while purchasing your first contact lens

Buying a colored contact lens for the first time will have its own sets of questions lingering in your mind, but here is a tip, never means just barge into any optical space.

First, make sure your eyes are perfect to carry colored lenses.

When you try to wear contact lenses for the first time

Uhh, that moment!

When you finally decide to drop your fear of wearing a lens for the first time, it might look tough. You try different angles & techniques to wear contact lenses. It might be clumsy at first, but once you figure out your way of wearing the contact lenses, it becomes a piece of cake.

Realizing you have put a contact lens in and inside out

One of the most relatable problems for a contact lens wearer is the dreaded inside-out lens. This problem tends to happen when you are the first-time wearer. Well, gradually time teaches you to handle this problem too.

Putting your glasses on when you are wearing a contact lens

Here is a thing, if you are wearing normal or colored contact lenses, you can’t put your glasses on. Now you know this, but you have formed a frequent habit of putting your beloved spec on your eyes and carry them everywhere you go. This situation leads to a blurry view.

The ease of staying around someone’s house or party is no more

Remember the days when you can spontaneously just decide to stay at your friend’s place with no second thought? Sadly, you know all too well that those days are over unless you are carrying an extra pair of lenses. Wearing a lens for extra time demands extra lenses, saline solution. The irritation just spoils the mood. You can’t drive…you can’t see the bus stop… and you can’t read the signboards either.

You can’t take a nap

There are times when you want to just take a nap outside or lie down with your eyes closed. But ah, these crazy lenses won’t let you do that. Because you need your entire kit to remove the lenses. Overall, it’s good to remember that whilst these small and funny annoyances can occur to any contact lens wearer, but the positives outweigh the negatives. Besides, who would compromise on the look that lens gives? So, get your pack of lenses now!