Best Disney Villain Looks With Your Favorite Colored Lenses

How do you combine your excitement for a cosplay and Disney character? It’s a no-brainer. By getting dressed as the best Disney Female Villain with your favorite colored lenses that will make everyone envy you. The right dress paired up with the right lenses will make a whole lot of difference.

Here are a few ‘Disney Villain’ killer-looks to go with your favorite colored lenses

The Evil Queen with red or purple colored lenses

Also known as the Evil Queen or ‘Queen Grimhilde, this character made her debut in Disney’s 1937 movie “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs”. Cruel, cold, and extremely rude she is villainously envious of Snow White’s beauty.

Her look can be the perfect costume for your upcoming cosplay party. All you need is a long purple dress with purple lenses with a gold sash around the waist. A black cloak with red-lining will make the entire look even more classy and exact.

Though the hardest part will be the crown that you can either make out of cardboard and gold or paint or buy online. By the way, do not forget to pair up with red or purple any of the favorite colored lenses.

Bitchy Ursula with blue or purple colored lenses

If you are a Little Mermaid Fan, you know what we are talking about. Ursula is the villain of this Disney show who banished from Atlantica to take revenge. In this goal, she uses Princess Ariel and Prince Eric by forging Ariel.

For your villainous Ursula costume, all you need is knee-length black or purple dress, with the same color gloves. To enhance the look a white wig can make a whole lot of difference. Lastly, you need Octopus legs and the easiest way to do DIY it is to use a hot glue gun and attach long strips of purple material at the hem. The best lenses that can go with the costume are blue or purple any of the favorite colored lenses. Yoo-hoo!

Mother Gothel with Brown Colored lenses

Tangled was one of the biggest hits of 2010 if you remember. Mother Gothel was one evil lady that kept Princess Rapunzel in a locked tower to keep her youth alive. Despite the youth-filled face, the character looked a little villainous but yeah one can go for that look at any cosplay party.

To get that look, simply take a long dark red dress with long flowing sleeves. The neck should be scooped with a golden belt & tassel around the waist. To add a final dash, choose brown colored contact lenses and a white wig.

Red Queen (Queen of Hearts) With Black Colored Lenses

This could be one of the best Disney female villains to dress-up. She is a foul-mouthed Queen who flies into the tempestuous rages on a drop of a hat. She is famous for the movie ‘Alice in Wonderland’.

Though dressing up like her looks tough, you can easily do it with a long black dress with puff sleeves. Next, you need is a red material that opens in the front. Glue this to a waistband that opens downs at the front of the skirt. Add some red and white hearts. Last you need a golden crown and blackout lenses to create the look.

We are pretty sure that this villain list paired up with favorite colored lenses won’t be much of a problem for creating your killer outfit look. For more such oodles of exciting ideas, stay tuned to our page and do check out our collection of safe cosplay contacts to complete your Disney villain looks!